Software as a Service (SAAS)

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What is SAAS?

Software as a service (or SAAS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.

SAAS applications are sometimes called Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software. Whatever the name, SAAS applications run on a SAAS provider’s servers. The provider manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance.

SAAS is the perfect delivery model for your business.

Software as a Service (SAAS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.

IDC identifies two slightly different delivery models for SAAS. The hosted application management (hosted AM) model is similar to ASP: a provider hosts commercially available software for customers and delivers it over the Web. In the software on demand model, the provider gives customers network-based access to a single copy of an application created specifically for SAAS distribution.

SAAS Characteristics

A good way to understand the SAAS model is by thinking of a bank, which protects the privacy of each customer while providing service that is reliable and secure—on a massive scale. A bank’s customers all use the same financial systems and technology without worrying about anyone accessing their personal information without authorization.

Benefits of the SAAS include:-

  • easier administration
  • automatic updates and patch management
  • compatibility: All users will have the same version of software.
  • easier collaboration, for the same reason
  • global accessibility.

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